Coronavirus crisis : What about my TIE / RESIDENCY CARD / NIE appointment

Regardless of what city or town you are in Spain at the moment, if you had an appointment at an immigration office to renew your TIE or residency card, that appointment is now canceled. Any interview appointments, like those required for arraigo, are also currently suspended. No return authorizations are being issued. While the country remains in an alert [...]

Coronavirus crisis : What about my TIE / RESIDENCY CARD / NIE appointment2020-04-14T10:32:25+02:00

Questions & Answers from NIE BARCELONA

People have an endless amount of questions about immigration and residential procedures, and the effect of the Corona crisis on these operations. This document will attempt to address some of them. What should I do if my residency card is about to expire and needs to be renewed? This does seem like a tough situation. If your TIE or [...]

Questions & Answers from NIE BARCELONA2020-04-14T10:33:51+02:00

COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact for foreigners waiting for the NIE and Residence Card

With a lot of uncertainty in the world’s new and unprecedented pandemic situation you may have a lot of questions and doubts. If you are a foreigner in the Spanish territory during this time of a global quarantine, you may be wondering what will happen to your foreigner status in the Spanish territory during this time? Can you leave [...]

COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact for foreigners waiting for the NIE and Residence Card2020-04-08T15:24:52+02:00

Hospital Dexeus Barcelona

You will find Dexeus in Barcelona easily located in the heart of the suburban area of Les Corts, this hospital is apart of Quirónsalud’s large network. Dexeus was one of the first private university centers in Spain and with over 400 determined doctors they continue to advance rapidly with new technologies and treatments. This hospital has an advanced range [...]

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Why choose Cosalud health Insurance?

In Cosalud, your peace of mind is our main goal, which is why for pediatrics and gynecology, you get to choose the specialist that treats you. Furthermore, we include reimbursements on pharmacy expenses so you have no problem following your treatments. Cosalud offers three contract plans--without copay at all, with low copay, and with high copay--so that you can [...]

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Your Health and Safety Is Our Number One Concern

CO-SALUD & CATALANA OCCIDENTE Provide The Highest Level of Medical Care to Expats in Spain We offer the most comprehensive health insurance around. We have specifically designed our policies for discerning people who want access to all the benefits of private health, without having to put up with endless waiting lists. Our policies provide for everything you need to [...]

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CoSalud Includes the Dental Policy

Dental Policy Included If you’re not already deeply impressed by CoSalud, and what we have to offer, perhaps you should also know that our policies include comprehensive dental cover – and it doesn’t cost you one single additional euro! It’s such a good deal, I have taken out one of these policies for myself and my family. Yes, you [...]

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