Regardless of what city or town you are in Spain at the moment, if you had an appointment at an immigration office to renew your TIE or residency card, that appointment is now canceled. Any interview appointments, like those required for arraigo, are also currently suspended. No return authorizations are being issued.

While the country remains in an alert state, all immigration policies are frozen, and you will not be able to process any documents or file any paperwork in person. Additionally, all procedural, administrative, and legal processes are currently suspended and inactivated.

However, Spain has been able to process a lot of the paperwork online for a while now, so some documentation can still be processed that way. Pending applications and renewals can still be processed in this manner.

I have received a lot of questions over the last few days, so let me provide specific answers to those.


Are The Immigration Or Police Offices Open?

All immigration office, police station and civil registries are currently closed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is in charge of legalizations, is also closed. They are however sending files through the mail, which have an envelope for express returns attached. The only exception is the civil registry will be honoring scheduled marriages and childbirths.


But What Happens If I Had An Appointment Already Scheduled?

If you had an appointment scheduled with any public institution, it is at this point postponed. Any appointment which was already on the books for EU certificates, fingerprinting, return authorization or pledge of allegiance of nationalization is temporarily canceled. Once the situation has normalized, the appointment will be rescheduled and you can proceed with your immigration file. Make sure to check your mail for confirmation of your appointments’ cancellation.

People who have an appointment which has been cancelled will be afforded preferential treatment once the pandemic clears and will be able to get their appointments rescheduled at an earliest possible date.

Appointments That Have Been Cancelled

During the current situation, the appointments for all residence permits scheduled at the foreigners’ offices have been cancelled.

  • Arraigo
  • Family reunification
  • A family member of an EU citizen visa

There has been an exception created to authorize residential applications. You will be required to present a number of specific documents, including some personal ones. Your residence will not be affected if you have a digital certificate.

Procedures That Will Not Be Conducted Right Now

The following is a list of procedures (typically carried out by police officials) that you CANNOT have done right now:

  • NIE
  • EU certificate
  • Fingerprint Registration
  • Return Authorization


Can I Get An Appointment With Am Immigration Or Police Office?

You are able to schedule an appointment for any immigration procedures that require a face-to-face meeting, but keep in mind that the earliest time an appointment will go on the books will be September. All those whose appointments were cancelled will get preferential treatment.

Remember: The only way to book your appointment with an immigration or police office is to do so online.