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Welcome to
Nie Barcelona

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Our team of specialists will get it done for you using our legal advice and systematic “German-style” approach to get you your NIE or Spanish Residency in no time

Spain obliges every foreigner settling down in the country to get their NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero). Whether you want to purchase property, set up a company or enrol on a course the first thing you will have to tackle is sorting out your NIE. Later on, you will be able to apply for the Spanish Residency. Others again will require a Visa to come to Spain. In all those cases, we can help.

Our team of specialists will get it done for you.
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agency specialised in getting  you the NIE with light speed. Let’s get your NIE within 48 hours. Getting the NIE in Barcelona or any city in Spain doesn’t need to be complicated. We will take care of the whole process from the beginning to the end.



Within 48 hours is possible. Are you a foreigner in Barcelona and are looking to get the Spanish Residency Card? Do you need the famous green Spanish Residency card quickly? As said, so let it be. So said, so done!



Lost in the maze of Health Insurance providers in Spain? Do you understand what the differences are with regards to the coverages between those providers? Trying to understand the small print of Health Insurance policies can indeed prove Mission Impossible. Let us help you with this.


One-stop boutique to get your NIE or Spanish Residency in Barcelona or anywhere in Spain

NIEBCN was founded not just for clients in Barcelona but for anyone who needs to get their NIE or their Spanish Residency simple and fast. Spanish bureaucracy can be an absolute nightmare, and we have gone through it ourselves which is why we created this service. Our legal advice and systematic “German-style” approach will get you your NIE or Spanish Residency in no time. Choosing the right visa option and going through the entire process on your own can indeed be arduous. Let our lawyers, specialized in immigration, take care of it.

Driven By Results & Powered By German Diligence

“Rainer sorted out everything for me. The Health
Insurance and the NIE all within a matter of days”

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    Find the Health Insurance that suits you!

    People come to me every day desperately asking why Spanish authorities haven’t accepted their Health Insurance. For you to not get in trouble with Spanish authorities, your Health Insurance must fulfil certain requirements. We know them by heart and can advise you whilstsleep-walking. We can set up your Health Insurance within hours that fulfils all legal requirements for the NIE and Residency and will save you hours of work and precious time lost.

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